‘Indo Times’ established in 1998, has continued to grow over the years as one of the fastest growing Newspaper. ‘Indo Times’ newspaper distribute free across Australia & New Zealand. ‘Indo Times’ features the latest news in Australia & New Zealand and from around the world. In addition to the print edition, Indo Times reaches several thousands through its web site and email blasts. The newspaper regularly features sections on News & Views,  Immigration, Entertainment, Bollywood, Sport, Food, Health, Business, Religion, Music, Science, Travel, Children, Ladies, Fashion, Beauty, Story, Special Issues…etc.


‘Indo Times’ Daily Online Edition stories and advertisements are uploaded to the Website every day. The website features an archive for personalized retrieval by users. ‘Indo Times’ provides regularly updated news from worldwide sources to users. All of this means ‘Indo Times’ gives readers more of what they are looking for every minute of every day.


The newspaper offers advertisers the highest circulation and most targeted readership profile in the Punjabi-Indian community, extending to the rest of South Asian population. The circulation is constantly developed and enhanced by new distribution initiatives, with such home delivery. In addition to the print edition, Indo Times reaches several thousands through its web site and email blasts.


‘Indo Times’ has been used by Corporate and Government agencies for promoting their services or for awareness campaigns for many years. ‘Indo Times’ has been providing a regular advertising media in a cost effective and productive manner to our worthy clients. Some of the clients who reposed faith in us are: Qantas, Citibank, Visa Business, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, ANZ Bank, Western Union, Telstra-Bigpond, Australian Government, India Tourism, Reliance, Air India, Punjab Government and local leading Indian and Australian Businesses, Institutes and Consultants, Lawyers, Paralegals, Real Estate Professionals, Retail Stores, Community Groups, Large Scale Entertainers and Small Community Based Organizations have all found the ‘Indo Times’ to be a highly effective medium to get their message to the local South Asian communities.


The ‘Indo Times’ can provide you with consultation to assist your business with planning and promotions for maximum impact on their targeted readership. We can also help you decide on an advertising plan that is economical for your budget. We are ready and  willing to assist you in any way we can to help you promote your business. Whatever your advertising budget and communication need the ‘Indo Times’ will try to assist in getting your message heard. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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