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Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh 1984 born 6’1” Male from Amritsar Punjab, UK return currently in Melbourne on tourist visa. Looking for beautiful traditional Girl on student or permanent basis. Brother well settled in Melbourne. Caste no bar. Phone 0415 265 716, 0432 766 155.

Looking for a suitable Jat Sikh match in Australia for my Sister 25 yrs, 5’2″, BSc Nursing, working in India. Permanent resident or in process preferred. Contact. 0430 197 218.

Australian Citizen, clean shave Saini Sikh Boy, 5’6”, 1984 born, divorced, highly qualified (B.Tech, Master of Accounting, CPA), working as an Accountant for a Government Department in Melbourne, well settled. Looking for an educated and beautiful Girl, who belongs to well to do and respected family ground (PR/TR/student/Visitor). Cast no bar. Call 0435 071 592.

Looking for a suitable match for 25 years old, 5’9″, saraswat Brahmin, vegetarian Boy. Completed Masters of Engineering (Deakin uni) and based in Melbourne. Only Brahmin families to contact on 0411 543 802.

Alliance invited for a Hindu Khatri (never married) India based Girl, 5’3″, beautiful, slim, very fair, vegetarian, post-graduate, December 1985 born. Seeks well settled boy in Australia (Businessman or professional). Girl is currently in Melbourne. Brother settled in Melbourne.  Call or whatsapp: +61 432 314 747 or +61 456 604 747, email:

Well mannered, love camping, enjoy watching movies. Travelling is my best hobby, along with cooking. Believe in equal rights for a partner. Originally hailing from Amritsar. My dad is in agricultural field and mom is caring house wife. Four sibling including me 1 sister and three brothers. Both brothers done their studies and younger than me planning to move to Canada along with his wife in near future. I have done my Bachelor of Arts and completed community welfare diploma and hospitality diploma in Adelaide. I have been driver for couple of years and ended up in kitchen working as a chef. In a partner i am looking for someone genuine with good moral, liberal or moderate outlook on life. Someone who care and respect my family as her own. 5’11” height Sabat surat Sardar, Contact 0447 147 651, email:

We are looking for PR, TR Jat Sikh Punjabi Boy in Australia for my sister MA, BEd, 5’3’’, 1989, currently in Australia on student visa. Both brother’s living in Melbourne. Contact 0404 026 263.

Looking for a Bride for a 1988 born Jat Sikh Boy. 5’11”, divorced, non drinker non smoker living in Melbourne at the moment. Boy has his own construction business and earn well.  In family, only sister is PR in Brisbane. Looking for PR/TR/ STUDENT Girl. Separated Girls are also welcome with or without kids. We would love to have a family. He is on bringing visa at the moment. Contact 044 991 3626 or email:

Seeking match for a beautiful 1988 born 5’2”, Jat Sikh Girl, legally divorced, done BSC Nursing and works as a Nurse in private hospital in Ludhiana. Currently in Australia on visitor visa. Looking for Australian Citizen/PR Boy unmarried/divorced aged 28-35 years. Elder brother settled in Australia. Contact 0403 607 574.

Suitable match (PR or Citizen Girl in Australia) required for Hindu Brahmin Boy, 92 born, 6’, pursuing PhD (Commerce) in India, belongs to a good family, father Professor in National Institute, mother worked as Lecturer in University and sister settled in Australia as a Lecturer. Contact on 0480 149 716.

Australian Citizen clean shaven Sikh Boy, divorced, 5’11”, white complex, smart, 1982 born, own transport business. Looking for beautiful Girl, belongs to well to do and respected family ground. Cast no bar. Call 0470 352 289, 0414 925 625.

Looking a suitable match for handsome clean shave Ravidasia Boy 5’10”, Dob 1987, on bridging visa living in Melbourne. Diploma holder of Cookery, Business management and advanced diploma of Accounting. Looking for citizen or PR Girl prefer. Cast no Bar. Contact: 0425 660 931 or email:

Looking suitable match for two Jat Sikh Australian brothers 87, 5’9” and 93, 5’11” whole family well settled in Australia. Looking for well educated two Girls from Sikh family (PR/TR/student) in Australia (Moga).  Call 0414 967 017.

Looking Match for Sharma graduate Boy 6 ft. Dec 1988 born, currently in Australia on student visa. Living with brother who is married and P.R. Looking for P.R or student visa Girl. Contact or Whatsapp 0433 448 524.

Jat Sikh widow Math, B.ed, 38y, 5’4”, Girl, seeking suitable Australian match. Sister settled in Australia. Phone: 0449 910 396, 0430 900 846, 0467 160 202.

Seeking an educated and well settled match for 1980 born female, 5’3”, never married, from Amritsar, Punjab, Australian PR, Registered Nurse, studying MBA along with work, well settled in Melbourne. Contact 0452 520 390, email:

Looking suitable match for Australian Citizenship Dhaliwal Jat Sikh Boy, 1992 born, 5’7″, living in Melbourne. Looking for a beautiful and educated Girl with traditional values prefer who already in Australia. Call 0470 235 687.

Suitable match required for Arora Sikh Boy, 1980 born, working in the bank, divorced, belongs to a good family, two sisters married, one settled in Australia. Please call: +91 84272 01231.

Suitable match required for my Jat Sikh sister living with me, 1989 born, MA B ED, she is currently in Australia on Temporary Visa. Looking for a Boy in Australia on any visa. Caste no bar. Sister Australian Citizen. Call 0452 414 796, 0469 301 735, 0470 667 636.

Looking for a suitable match for 1977 born, 5’6″, Ramgarhia Girl. Doing own IELTS business in India. Email:

Suitable match required for 1989/5’5”, Jat Sikh, divorced, no children, family oriented Girl (girl not permanent resident).  Currently living in Melbourne with Brother who is Australian Citizen. Looking for Australian PR/Citizen. Contact by email:

Looking suitable match for Punjabi Boy, 1989 born, 5’6″, living in Melbourne. Seeking Australian resident or Citizen Girl, issueless divorcee without kids welcome. Cast no bar. Call 0406 024 199.

Suitable match required for Majbi Sikh. 1989 born. 5’10” on study visa in Australia. Looking for PR/TR Girl. Caste no bar. Contact 0450 724 363.

Seeking well educated Girl in Australia PR/Citizen/Student visa for only son Jat Sikh Boy, completed master’s in Mechanical Engineering in Melbourne and now on TR, 91 born, 5’11’’. Both elder sisters Citizen in Australia. Contact +91 62399 53134 (whatsapp-Mother), 0412 133 965.

Jat Sikh Gill 1982 born 5’10” non alcoholic, on study visa in Australia. Looking for PR/TR/ Girl. Sister settled in Australia. Please contact on 0410 647 824. Genuine inquiries only.

Match required for a Jat Sikh Sardar Australian Citizen 86 born Boy, 5’10’ living in Melbourne, family from Mohali. Looking for well educated Girl currently living in Australia or Mohali area, for further communications please WhatsApp on 0470 342 903 or

Match required for Jat Sikh Boy 1985 born, 5’6”, never married. Living in Brisbane on student visa. Preference is never married TR/ PR Girl. Please whatsapp me at 0449 541 556.

Looking suitable match for a Postgraduate Girl 1987 born, 5’4″ born in India, lives in Melbourne, father own business in India, brother and sister also lives in Melbourne, mother house wife, Please contact: 0435 483 790.

Looking suitable match for a Graduate Boy, 1992 born, 5’8”, occupation Kirtan & business, lives in Melbourne, father head cashier in federal bank, mother house wife, Please contact: 0412 234 865.

Looking suitable match for PR Boy living in Sydney from reputed family, 1 brother Doctor in Brisbane and 2nd in Canada. Looking for a beautiful and educated Girl from Punjab, preferred Malwa area. Call 0416 304 922.

Saini Sikh Boy Born 1992 currently on student visa. Sister Australian Citizen, mother also in Australia. Looking Girl with traditional values prefer who already in Australia. Contact brother-in-law 0432 335 565 or email:

Groom required (professional or businessman) for a Sikh Ramgarhia Girl, MCA, 1981 born, 5’2”. Divorced, issueless. Caste no bar. Residing in India. Preferred to settle in Australia. Email:

Looking suitable match for Australian PR Ramgarhia Punjabi Boy, 1984 born, 5’6″, living in Melbourne. Seeking Australian resident or Citizen Girl, issueless divorcee without kids welcome. Cast no bar. Call 0413 340 688.

Educated professional match for my niece, Jat Sikh 27 years old 5’4”, Dentist Girl, practicing in Jalandhar, Status and educated family from Jalandhar. Australian citizen or PR preferred. Interested send particulars and recent photograph to email:

Looking for a Groom for 35 year old divorced Girl with 3 year old daughter. She is Australian Citizen and works full time. Only serious inquires and only who is Australian Citizen or PR, cast no bar. Contact: 0431 709 181.

Seeking Jat Sikh well settled Australian grown up Qualified Boy for Australian Jat Sikh 25 years 5′ 5″ DENTIST GIRL. Please send BIODATA with INDIAN BACKROUND.  Email:

Wanted Sardar Jat Sikh educated Groom for 1984 born Girl PR Researcher RN. Only contact if you can arrange an Australian Permanent Groom for 1993 born sister who lives in Melbourne on bridging visa. Call 0402 022 412.

Well settled landlord family & Australian citizen brother looking for teetotaler, well educated professional Australian citizen or PR Boy for only sister. Girl in question is 1983 born, MBA HR. She stayed in Melbourne for 6 months. She is widow with no child. Serious inquires only. Contact 0433 918 525.

Father seeking match for Son, Aus PR, Ramdasia, 29, 5’11”, Slim, Vegetarian, working and studying Nursing in Melbourne, Caste no issues, No Dowry, family in Punjab, India. Looking for someone well educated prefer nursing and can speak good English. Tel: +91 88473 70043.

Professionally qualified slim, minimum 5’6″ match required for Australian Citizen 29 ,  5’10” Khatri Boy, dual degree in Engineering and Business. Jat Sikh or Khatri preferred 0434 247 105.

Jat Sikh Boy 27, 5’10”, BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTANCY, looking for a suitable life partner. He is fair and slim, vegetarian and does not smoke, drink or cut his hair and follows Sikh culture. He has grown up and educated in NZ, currently working as an accountant in a multinational firm. His family is well educated and settled in NZ. Gursikh Girl, slim, fair, vegetarian (caste no bar) from NZ or Australia preferred but not mandatory. Email with biodata:, whatsapp or text +64 2114 14541.

Looking match for beautiful Ramgarhia Sikh Girl 1990 born 5’2.5”, Girl carries traditional values and was brought up in Ludhiana and has completed her Master in M.s Bio-tech (NIPER University). Now she is Working as (Research Scientist) in Gurgaon Pharmaceutical Company. We are seeking educated Ramgarhia Sikh Boy in Australian PR/Citizen. Please contact me on +91 98155 12446, for further discussion.

Seeking a Jat Sikh Australian cleaned shaved Boy preferably Melbourne for Australian born Jatt Sikh Girl, well educated stream teaching, 1993 born, 5’6”. Please only contact those whose age is under 30 years and reliable. Contact name Paul at 0430 290 988.

Australian Citizen Jat Sikh Clean shaved 34, 5’9” well settled B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering divorced Boy belong to well reputed family from Khanna. Living in Melbourne since 10years, have 50% custody of 5 year old boy, seeking Girl unmarried or divorced without kid. Preference Ludhiana, Fatehgarh sahib, Patiala 0411 316 680.

Looking Suitable Match for Kamboj Sikh Boy, 30 Yrs, 5’8″, currently on 489 Visa. He has done B.Sc Hospitality & Business Management, working as a Manager in a 5-star hotel. Seeking a Girl, who has completed or enrolled in professional degree. Contact or whatsApp +61 469 074 001.

Jat Sikh Brar 1988 born, 5’7”, non-alcoholic innocently divorced, Diploma in Computer Science Eng. and Dip. in Plumbing, 9 Acres agricultural land now in Aust. on Tourist Visa looking for a Student/TR/PR girl. Sister Aust. Citizen. Please contact 0433 138 711.

Seeking match for Jat Sikh Girl, age 28, 5’2”, never married currently studying in Australia. Looking for Australian citizen/PR Sikh Boy aged 28-40 years. Divorcee without kids acceptable. Caste no bar. Elder sister Australian citizen in Melbourne. Contact: 0423 474 612.

Seeking a match for graduate, 1988 born, 5’9”, Jat Sikh Grewal Boy, based in Melbourne, currently on visitor visa, elderly brother settled in Australia. Looking for PR or student visa Girl. Contact 0433 084 062, email:

Looking a suitable match for handsome clean shave Ravidasia Boy 5’10”, DOB 1987, on bridging visa, living in Melbourne. Diploma holder of Cookery, Business management and Accounting. Cast no Bar. Looking for citizen or PR Girl prefer. Contact: 0425 660 931 or email:

Ramdasia Sikh Girl (SC) in india 1987 born 5’4”, done GNM Nursing 3 years and BSC Nursing and currently working in Fortis hospital Mohali, looking for PR or citizen Boy in Aus/Nz, Canada. Her elder brother is also settled in Aus. Whatsapp 0401 256 546, email:

Looking suitable match for my sister 1987/5’8”, MBBS, PGDMCH. Worked as gynecologist in Apollo Hospital (Ludhiana). Now Working in Government Railway hospital Ludhiana. Belongs to reputed family. Looking for professional match. Preferred Australian Resident. Please contact 0415625098(Brother), +91 99155 00311 (Father). Please send your profile (WhatsApp).

Seeking Jat Sikh professionally qualified match from Australia for 1990 born, 5’2” Australian PR Girl, currently working as RN. Malwa preferred. Contact +91 94171 53090 or 0451 186 983.

Match required for beautiful Jat Sikh Girl, height 5’6″, Nov born in 1986, currently living in Melbourne on student visa and has done Master in IT, Master in political science, Diploma of Comp.SC. Looking for Australian Citizen Boy, PR, Temporary Visa. Contact 0451 404 557 or

Seeking a suitable match for legally issueless divorced, Handsome Sikh Saini Boy, Australian Citizen, 1983, 5’10’’, highly qualified, Masters in Health Management, working as Medical Administrator in a leading public hospital in Sydney. Caste No Bar. Contact: 0424 596 395, email:

Seeking family oriented Girl in Australia (PR/ TR or student) for handsome Jat Sikh Boy, born 1984, height 5’9”. Boy is currently in Australia on Tourist Visa. Younger sister is well settled and citizen in Australia. Preference to Doaba. Contact 0469 413 701.

Match required for a Canadian Citizen male 30yrs old. Only contact me if you can arrange an Australian Permanent Bride for my Brother who lives in Melbourne as a Temp Residents Visa. Please contact 0421 351 374.

Suitable match required for handsome 1991 Jat Sikh Boy 5’11” born in Melbourne, studied electrical and builder course, working with Qantas Airlines as a ground handler freight since 8 years. Looking for beautiful and tall Girl. Preference to Australian or living in Australia. Email: or call 0431 033 220.

Looking suitable match for my sister 1978/5’3”, graduated, never married, in Australia on temporary visa. Mother retired, younger sister’s in Australia and USA. Girl carries traditional values, brought up in Ludhiana. Please contact on 0469 820 369 for further discussion. Genuine enquiries only.

Seeking match for educated, divorced, 5’9″, 1975 born Sikh Boy, self employed earning 100k per annum, on bridging visa with full work rights. Looking for PR/Citizen Girl from Australia. Phone: 0422 102 242 or email:

Looking for a suitable girl, for a Tonk-Kshatriya, Sikh Boy, 1984, 5’11”, Mechanical Engineer. Works as Manager in reputed company in Mohali. Belongs to a well-settled family in Punjab (Ludhiana). Sister Australian citizen. Boy visiting Australia this month. Girl preferred Australian PR/Citizen. Contact 0421 213 617 or +91 96467 00752.

Looking for a suitable match for Arora Khatri 26 years old Girl 5’4″, M.A English, B.ed, teaching in private school, sister in New Zealand, mother house wife and father working in Saudi Arabia. Girl has good moral, ethics values. Looking for Australian PR Boy, preffered Malwa area. Caste no bar. Contact 0469 291 593.

Looking for a beautiful Punjabi Girl age should be below 37 for Australian Citizen, Khatri Boy living in Sydney. Cast no bar, Unmarried or divorced doesn’t matter. Please contact 0411 251 661.

Looking for a Suitable Match for a Hindu Punjabi Good looking Boy 6’3”, Slim, Fair and Highly Educated Citizen, currently working in Sydney. Worked for Most Multinational Companies in London for 7 years. All Family well settled in Sydney, Australia. Boy December 1980 born comes from Affluent, Respected and Cultured Family. Love Travelling, Music, Sports and Above all Family Time. Caste No Bar. Kindly Respond with Full Biodata and Photos to Mobile: 0412 563 757.

Looking a suitable match for mair rajput goldsmith Boy doing diploma of automotive in Melbourne, Born in 22 August 1993, 5’8” from Amritsar. Elder sister PR in Melbourne and another sister in Melbourne as well. Looking for Girl from Sikh family (PR/ TR or student visa in Australia). Please contact 0433 889 040.

36-years old Australian-born Male (Sarswat Brahmin), Government Employee, 5ft7”. Looking for a female. Cast is no bar. Contact number: 0431 263 397.

Match required for a beautiful Girl born in 1983, height is 5’9”, Australian Citizen, innocently divorced within a week, working for public sector and well settled. Please whatsapp: 0410 149 117.

Looking a suitable match for my handsome Son, 7/8/1989 5’9”, well educated, Australian PR, short marriage, preference is single Girl not divorced. Please whatsApp me on +91 98762 24029 or 0450 760 246.

Seeking a Jat Sikh Australian Citizen or PR/TR Boy preferred career to be in health or highly educated for my well educated Jat Sikh Daughter born 1992, 5’1”, Australian Citizen. Currently working at hospital in Cardiology department as Echocardiographer in Sydney. Please respond by email or ph:, 0432 663 249.

Seeking a suitable match for legally issueless divorcee, Hindu (khatri) beautiful and innocent Girl, 1983 born, height 5’3″, M.SC. (IT), Currently in Australia on Tourist Visa. Caste no bar. Contact: +61 499 594 222, +61 451 968 786 or Email:

Match required for parjapat Australian PR Gursikh Boy from Melbourne, Dob 1991, Height 5’8”. Qualifications- B.Tech, Masters in IS. Caste no bar. Any Girl on TR/PR or families in Australia can call.  Please contact: 0405 423 429 (AU), +91 97791 72076 (India).

Looking for suitable match in Australia for Jat Sikh, smart slim and sincere Girl, 1989, 5’5″, B.Sc Nursing and 7 yrs of experience, living in India from well settled family. Looking for well settled and professional match. Malwa area preferred. India contact +91 94178 11354, Email:

Match required for Jat Sikh Boy, Australian PR, height 5’,10”, born 1988, professionally qualified, working as RN. Looking for a well educated Girl (PR/TR or student in Australia). Malwa preferred. Please respond with photo and biodata on WhatsApp  0413 738 407.

Looking match for beautiful Sikh Girl 1981 born 5’3”, never married, Visiting Melbourne in May as she has been granted temporary visa. Younger Brother Citizen of Australia. Girl carries traditional values and was brought up in Lucknow and has completed her Post Graduation. We are seeking Sikh match. Please contact me on 0403 635 886 for further discussion.

Looking for Jat Sikh Boy in Australia for Australian Citizen Divorced Girl, born in 1981, height 5’4’’. She has one son. All family is well settled in Australia. Please call 0470 519 102.

Australian PR Jat Sikh Girl (RN, pursuing Masters of Medical Ultrasound) 1993, 5’7” Melbourne. Seeking Jat Sikh Boy (PR/TR – having property in India) or well-settled Australian Citizen. WhatsApp 0401 869 152. Send biodata and photo on:

Looking for a suitable match for Tonk Kshatriya Sikh Boy age 24, height 5’10”. Currently studying Diploma of Hospitality Management in Melbourne from a reputed university. Belongs to a well settled business family in Punjab (Nabha). Girl should be based in Melbourne either PR or student visa. Caste no bar. Please contact me on 0433 394 383 or +91 99153 41044 (India).

Looking for PR Jat Sikh Boy either in Australia or New Zealand for my sister 1993 born, homely Gursikh Girl, highly educated, issueless divorcee. She is currently on student visa in Australia. Doaba area preferred. Email:

Looking suitable Girl for handsome clean-shaven Sikh Boy, 1985, 6’, on bridging visa in Adelaide. All immediate family well-settled & lives in Melbourne. Parents retired Govt employee & lives in India. Caste no bar. Call: 0470 688 929.

Seeking a well-settled Boy in Australia for 1973 born, 5’4”, Australian Citizen well-settled Sikh Girl, separated, issueless. Serious genuine inquiries only. Caste no bar. Call: 0470 688 929.

Match required for Jat Gursikh Boy Born 1989, height 5’6”, never married, living in Melbourne on Tourist Visa. Younger brother PR in Australia. We are seeking a Gursikh Girl on any visa in Australia with same age group. Contact 0447 384 339, 0469 857 657.

Seeking suitable match for my Daughter (Caste-Saini), MBA and Accounting Graduate, residing in Melbourne (P.R), 1992 born, brother is Australian Citizen. We are basically from Ludhiana, we would prefer someone in Melbourne. Upper caste no bar. Whole family in Aus atm, please call watsapp +91 98151 20759.

Match for Labana Sikh well settled handsome Boy, Australian Citizen, B-tech/MIT, DOB 09/81, 5’11”, working in retail management. Contact what’s app +91 98556 26386, email:

Seeking a Jat Sikh Boy (PR/TR or Applying for PR/TR) for my younger Sister 1988 born, height 5’5”, Nursing Profession. Currently in Australia on Tourist Visa. Contact: 0434 400 771.

Match required for Australian Citizen Jat Sikh Girl Born 1981, height 5’6”, never married, living in Melbourne. We are seeking a Jat Sikh Boy either PR or any other visa in Australia with same age group. Contact 0451 536 950.

Seeking match for Hindu male, Australian citizen, middle aged, very well settled, professional, working for Government Department in Australia, huge assets, living all alone in his own house in Sydney. Please email particulars with photograph to or contact 0438 029 833.

Match required for a Beautiful and homely Jat Sikh Girl 30, 5’5” from an affluent family. Currently studying in Australia. Looking for Jat Sikh Boy with good moral ethics, Australian PR or Student from well settled family preferred from Khanna and Mohali area. Call 0450 084 941, +91 78892 66183.

Seeking a suitable professional match for Jat Sikh handsome, teetotaller Boy, 1986/5’-6”, BA LLB, MBA (Australia), Australian TR, rural urban property in India, respectable family, only sister well-settled in Australia, please respond with full biodata and photos to

Looking for suitable match for Chahal Jat Boy born 86, height 5’8”, legally divorced, currently on study visa. Prefer to Girl in Brisbane, pr or nursing student.  Divorced also accepted. Brother Citizen in Australia. Belong to Doaba, any inquiry contact 0430 198 972.

Well settled Australian Jatt-Sikh family seeks qualified professional Australian Girl for their BDS Son, 1992/6’0”. Please send biodata and recent pic on 0412 840 536 or

Looking suitable match for my 34 year old divorced, Graduate Sister, born on 1984, height 5′3″, currently in Australia. Basically from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Australian citizen or PR (preferable vegetarian). Elder Brother is well settled in Australia. Contact: 0423 642 118

Looking for a suitable match for Saini Sikh Boy 31, 5’5″, legally issueless divorced, Australia returned. Currently working in MNC in Mohali, mother retired teacher, elder brother Australian citizen. Contact:, +91 80547 44796, 0424 428 128 (Brother).

Inviting good honest Girl for Australian Permanet Ravidasia Sikh Boy, born 1988, 5’4” tall. Cast does not matter. Contact: 0433 335 400, email:

Alliance invited for a Hindu Khatri (never married) India based Girl, 5’3″, beautiful, slim, very fair, vegetarian, post-graduate, December 1985 born. Seeks well settled Boy in Australia (Businessman or professional). Brother settled in Melbourne. Please call or whatsapp: +61 456 604 747, +91 70878 79898, email:

Seeking a match for well-educated, 1981 born, 6’3”, Jat Sikh Boy, based in Perth, Australia, currently on bridging visa holding all visa rights. All immediate family lives in Australia. Looking for an Australian Citizen/PR Girl, caste no bar. Divorcee with no child and annulled will also be considered. Contact:, 0425 082 928.

Seeking suitable match in Australia for my sister, 29 yrs, 5’6”. Beautiful, religious and currently working with an MNC as Japanese Interpreter in Delhi. Have a current IELTS overall score of 7. Father retired, Mother expired, Sister settled in Sydney. Caste no bar. Contact: 0415 652 303 or

Seeking an educated and well settled match in Australia for Sikh Girl (surname-Purba) from Kolkata, 1993 born, 5’8″ Tall & Fair, working in banking sector, completed Masters in Commerce Degree, elder sisters citizens of Australia. Email: (sister), only genuine and serious inquires pls.

Looking suitable match for my sister 36, 5’3”, PhD, Lawyer, Asst. Professor in Law college-Panchkula. In Aus with parents atm. Partial disability-left leg but no effect to daily work life. Seeking well educated family oriented loving & caring Boy settled in AU/IND. Brother long term Australian citizen. Caste No Bar. Genuine and Serious enquiries only. Call 0433 834 951 or

Seeking a beautiful and well educated family oriented Girl (Stud/Temp/PR/Citizen) for a handsome Punjabi Boy, 28, 5’9”, Graduate, in Australia with parents atm. Working at the bank in Chandigarh. Cast No Bar. Brother Long term Australian citizen. Genuine and serious enquires only. Call 0433 834 951 or

Seeking family oriented Girl in Australia (PR/ TR or student) for handsome Jat Sikh Boy, born 1984, height 5’9”. Girl from India with IELTS 6/6.5 bands can also be considered. Younger sister is well settled and citizen in Australia. Preference to Doaba. Contact 0469 413 701, Email:

Looking suitable match for well settled Lubana Citizen Girl 1983 born, height 5’3” Innocently divorced no issues. Profession: health industry. Looking for decent and PR Sikh Boy in Australia or India with well qualification background and preferably working. Serious genuine inquires plz. Send biodata & pics on 0430 352 770.

Sikh Khatri family welcomes qualified match for their Daughter, working for the Government Department in Australia and pursuing Masters, height “5 4 1/2”, 86 born, separated. Call: 0468 452 522,