Your Online Privacy is very important to us. Any personal details and data acquired by the Indo Times from your participation in any Indo Times Online Services will be used only in accordance with the Indo Times’s Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to personal information collected by our journalists and photographers for the purpose of gathering news. Indo Times handle the information we collect in the course of journalism in accordance with the Australian Press Council Privacy Standards.

Where your personal information is contained in an advertisement which Indo Times publish for you, Indo Times may also use your information to publish that advertisement in other media. We do this in accordance with our terms and conditions for the initial publication. If you include personal information in any posts or in a letter, email or text message to an editor or journalist, Indo Times may publish your name and suburb to identify you as the author of that post if we publish it in any media.

This Privacy Policy otherwise applies to information about anyone who interacts with us, including advertisers, subscribers and people who use Company Services (both registered and unregistered users).

When we collect your information, we may explain that we will use and disclose your information in other ways. For example, if you win a competition, we may disclose your information to relevant regulatory authorities and publish your details in accordance with the competition terms.

Indo Times use the information we collect about you for the following additional purposes:

Research and data analysis

Indo Times may also use your information for research and data analysis to improve Company Services. We may do this research or engage a service provider to do this.

To allow service and content providers to assist us in providing and managing the Company Services

Indo Times may make your information available to certain third party service and content providers who help us manage or provide the Company Services or provide Company with related services. This might include providers of data cloud services, website hosting service providers, debt collection service providers and direct marketing service providers. Our agreements with these third party providers require them not to use your information except for the purpose for which your information was provided. We also require them to comply with relevant privacy laws.

To allow social sharing functionality

If you log in with or connect a social media profile with your Company Services account, Indo Times may share your personal information (including your user name, picture, tweets, likes and posts) with other Company Services users and your friends or followers linked to your social media profile. We may also share the same information with the social media service provider.

By logging in with or connecting your Company Services account with a social media profile, you authorise us to share your personal information with the social media service provider, other users and your friends or followers. You understand that the social media service provider may handle this information in accordance with its own privacy policy. If you do not want your personal information shared in this way, please do not connect your social media profile with your Company Services account and do not participate in social sharing on Company Services.

To provide co-branded services and features

We may offer co-branded services, such as competitions or other promotions together with a third party (“Co-Branded Services”). When this happens, Indo Times may share the information you submit in connection with the Co-Branded Service with the third party, or with our service providers who assist us to host Co-Branded Services. The third party’s use of your information will be governed by their own privacy policy. Indo Times will obtain your consent to share your personal information with the third party. If you do not provide this consent, you may not be able to access that co-branded service.

To deliver relevant advertisements and content

Company and our advertisers may use the information Indo Times collect about you to provide you with relevant advertisements and content when you use Company Services. Indo Times may also use your personal information so that relevant advertising can be provided to you when you use services or visit websites of other organisations.

To contact you

From time to time, Indo Times may send you promotional materials or other information which we think may interest you. For example, Indo Times may send you an invitation to participate in various activities (such as customer surveys) or special offers.

To share with our Company Affiliates

Company may share your information with our related companies located in Australia or in other countries. If we share your information with our related companies, they can use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. However, if you access or use a service provided by one of our related companies, you should consider the privacy policy of that company, as it may be different to this policy.

To share with business partners

Company may share your information with business partners so they can send you marketing communications. This will only happen if you have expressly agreed to this.

To complete a merger or sale of assets

If Company sells all or part of its business or assets, we may disclose your information to the party or parties involved in the sale transaction. Indo Times may also do this if Company is involved in a merger or transfer of all or a material part of its business. We may disclose your information prior to the sale, transfer or merger so that the party or parties involved can consider the transaction and complete any due diligence.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

Indo Times use reasonable measures to safeguard the personal information we hold about you from loss, theft and unauthorised use, disclosure or modification, including:

System Security

Indo Times take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to our online and computerised systems by using measures such as firewalls, data encryption, virus detection methods, and password restricted access.

Third Parties

Indo Times take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties who store or assist us to store your personal information adopt appropriate security measures. For example, our agreements with our data cloud service providers require those providers to perform appropriate security testing and comply with appropriate security standards. We also require the provider to keep our data separate from the data of their other clients and promptly notify us if there is any actual or suspected security breach of our data.

Location of Data

Some Company Services are hosted in and managed outside of Australia. In dealing with Company, you consent to this practice, understanding that your personal information may be accessible from or transmitted outside Australia.

Linked Services

Company Services (including Company’s website) may display links to sites operated by unaffiliated companies, and may carry advertisements or offer content, functionality, games, newsletters, competitions or applications developed and maintained by unaffiliated companies. Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of these unaffiliated companies. Once you leave the Company Services or click an advertisement you should check the privacy policy of that company to understand how it will handle your information.

If you share your information with a social media service (including by posting information to that service), this information may not be removed even after you cancel your account. If you delete your account with us, your account information may still be accessible by others for a short period of time because of the way that your information is stored on the internet.

If you have any questions regarding the content found on this web site or any other query, feel free to Contact Us.